I’m sorry to say that I haven’t done much artwork over the holidays. Nothing like getting out of my routine to squelch my productivity. In the creative vein, however, I did paint my bathroom bright blue and did lots of knitting.

On a more somber note, my husband gave me “An Inconvenient Truth” for Christmas. I have wanted to see this move for a long time as I consider Al Gore one of my heroes. It was like watching a science fiction movie about a doomed civilization and you want to tell these people, “Don’t you see what’s happening? Why are you killing yourselves!”

Being the eternal optimist I have to believe that we as a people are waking up. So along this line I have decided to focus my energy on the positive changes that are taking place now to help solve these terrible problems. My new year’s resolution is to collect evidence of these hopeful events.

Here is today’s good news:

A Century Later, Los Angeles Atones for Water Sins by RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD

New Congress Holds Big Changes for Attitudes on Global Warming by Nick Aster