I’m back from India and, as I promised myself, I took lots of photos. Outside of family and tourist site shots, I feel rather timid about taking photos in India. Even though my camera is very small, people stare at me anyway because I so obviously don’t belong. And I felt bad about taking photos anyway – people don’t want their pictures taken just because I find them exotic and some of the things that I wanted to document such as stray dogs, makeshift shelters, etc. were not things that Indian people would necessarily be proud of – so why should I bring it back to the US to show people here how bad it is in India? It’s a bafflingly beautiful place, however, and I wanted somehow to capture some images of what I saw. I found that shooting photos from a car was a good opportunity to be descrete and also get candid shots of everyday life. I got some interesting shots this way, but there was so much that I missed. Nevertheless, what I saw has been imprinted in my mind and I am sure my experiences will reveal themselves in future artwork.

You can see some of these street scenes on my Flickr site here.