This week I have been working on an idea for a new woodblock print.

My inspiration comes from this color woodcut entitled Blue Gums by William Seltzer Rice – Elvehjem Museum of Art (photo from in the book American Color Woodcuts: Bounty From the Block, 1890s-1900s).

I had taken this photograph of a tree sometime ago with the intention of using it as reference for an artwork. I felt that this tree might be able to come to life using a technique similar to that used to create Blue Gums.

I worked out this image in colored pencil, but it looked too similar to the Blue Gums piece.

I tried experimenting with the clouds . . .

I liked this experiment best. It was done in watercolor to simulate the overlapping colors in a reduction block print. I will need to further experiment with printing gradations before I can make it work as a woodblock print.