As an American traveling in India, one of the striking things to me was the number of stray dogs roaming around the city. Instead of being locked up in shelters or euthanized, Indian stray dogs are left to fend for themselves. Who’s to say which system is better. Unlike with the American system, the number of dogs wandering around serves to constantly remind us that they are there and they are in need. I learned fast from my Indian family that you do not touch strays as they may bite or carry disease. But I cannot resist watching them and wondering about them. On my last day in India this summer I broke down and gave this fellow one of my biscuits. He was so grateful and gentle – you can see it in his eyes. I regret that I didn’t reach down and pet him on the head.

This painting will be on display at From There to Here: the A&D International Exhibit

An exhibition highlighting creative work completed by A&D students faculty and staff while working, visiting, and/or researching abroad during the Fall 2006- Summer 2007, and international students studying at A&D.

September 7th – October 5th
Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd.
Opening Reception: Friday, September 7 6:00-9:00pm