I began carving the Talkative Tortoise fairytale print even though I’m still not sure about the design. It came to the point where I couldn’t envision it without actually seeing it in woodblock print form. I have most of the first block carved and did a quick and dirty test print. With the magic of Photoshop I was able to try some different versions. I haven’t finished carving the lower foot, but it will hang outside of the frame.

Test 1
Tortoise Test 1

Test 2
Tortoise Test 2

Test 3
Tortoise Test 3

Test 4
Tortoise Test 4

I’m still not sure which design I am leaning toward and would appreciate any comments you might have. Should I keep the sky lines or are they too distracting – too many lines? Should the clouds show through the tortoise or not? I like the idea of the tortoise merging with the surroundings, losing his existence with his mistake, but maybe this isn’t really clear?