April 2008

Once again the Saline Picture Frame Co. helping to raise money for the Food Gatherers by holding the Circle of Art auction. It’s a great way to purchase some wonderful art pieces and feel good about helping those in need. To date the Circle of Art raised over $40,000 for Food Gatherers. All of the works are 9 x 11″ or smaller and two dimensional work is matted by the Saline Picture Frame Gallery. You can bid online at http://www.salinepictureframe.com/showroom/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=368 or come to the final auction at the Circle of Art party on May 18th from 12:00-5:00pm at Saline Picture Frame Co. I have two pieces up for bid, White Paws and David’s Tree.


Here are a couple of new prints I have been working on.

This one is a simple one block print done on handmade Indian paper that I bought in Pune at the Handmade Paper Institute.
Stray dog on handmade Indian paper

And here is a guy from the Handmade Paper Institute giving me a demo of paper marbling. We went to the H.M.P.I. not knowing what we would find and the people who worked there were very generous gave us a personal tour. It was fascinating. They made the paper from recycled rags and discarded books.
Marbling Artist at the Handmade Paper Institute, Pune

Here is a test print of another print I am working on. This was going to be the second white paws print, but I added a boarder with the sanskrit word for peace. I like the way this one is working better than the first white paws, so I will be redoing the first print in this style. There will be three prints in all for this series – Peace, Light, and Love (this one might change). These happen to be the names of my husband and his two brothers (Prashant, Pradeep, and Prem). I hope they don’t mind.
Peace Dog - Test Print