Still working on the boat print (although I haven’t been working on it all this time – somewhere during now and my last blog post I took a much needed week-long vacation to visit my folks in Florida).

I became very frustrated with trying to get all of the layers to align properly in this moku hanga print. Here is one of my many attempts. You can see the boat, the most critical part of the print, is askew. I threw up my hands – thew in the towel.

Boat - Moku Hanga (test print)

Around Valentine’s day I was thinking about and studying white line prints. I decided to make a quick little valentine for my family. Nothing like an easy project to get you feeling happy about art again.

Heart - White Line Print

I thought about doing another white line print since this one was so fun. I played with some ideas, but during yoga class one evening it dawned on me that I could try the boat print in white line. I struggled a little bit with it, but here is my last test print (it was too big to scan on my little scanner, so there may be some distortion in color and size).

There are a few issues with bleeding color, but overall I’m kind of excited about it. I absolutely love that I don’t have to worry about alignment one tiny bit. Taking that major frustration out of the equation allowed me to experiment with color. I used Winsor Newton watercolors to make this print. The colors in the sky (cobalt blue, Winsor red, and Winsor Yellow separtated out on the paper after I had printed it creating that unusual pattern. I used damp Echizen Kozo paper. I had to dig around for white line printing instructions and I’m not completely confident that I’m doing it correctly or in the most efficient manner.

Boat - White Line (test print)

Here are some white line printing resources that I used: