Yesterday I attended a workshop on letterpress printmaking as part of the Art Librarian’s Society of North America’s Annual Conference in Indiana. I learned a lot, but since it was only a day-long workshop, much of the work was already prepared for us. To see more photos see

Letterpress Workshop

Besides an appreciation for the letterpress process, the workshop gave me some ideas about printmaking in general including how I might overlap parts of images for some interesting effects. It was also refreshing to do a group project where all of us contributed to the whole. In fact, on my way to this workshop I rode with a woman who, because she is unable to have a studio, creates artwork by setting up certain parameters and giving them to others to create her work. She is currently working on a project in which she gives participants a kind of table tent with the outline of a human figure and asks participants to create a self portrait on it and mail it back to her. She even gave me one of them to do.