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One of challenges of being a field librarian at the School of Art & Design is getting to know everyone in this constantly changing sea of creativity. Librarians, like most business people, typically hand out business cards as a way to leave their mark, but in a school where the students, faculty and staff do the mark-making, this just didn’t seem like quite the right approach. I started handing out my business cards and asking people to use the card to create a drawing or some type of artwork that I could include in an artist book. This usually led to a longer conversation and later, when the card was returned, I felt like we had started to know one another. I handed out many more cards than I got back, but the ones that did come back were fabulous expressions that wove their way nicely into this book. I am a librarian, so what better way to document this interaction?

This book is currently being exhibited at the Work Gallery in Ann Arbor. The Exhibition runs from August 12 through September 2, 2011.
Closing Reception: Friday, September 2 from 6 – 9 pm.



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This is a variation on a previous print. It was created using two blocks and two impressions and then hand tinted with watercolor. This print will be at the upcoming show at the Work Gallery in Ann Arbor running August 13-September 4, 2010. See:

FYI, one of my stray dog series prints is in this exhibition which opens tomorrow.

Once again the Saline Picture Frame Co. helping to raise money for the Food Gatherers by holding the Circle of Art auction. It’s a great way to purchase some wonderful art pieces and feel good about helping those in need. To date the Circle of Art raised over $40,000 for Food Gatherers. All of the works are 9 x 11″ or smaller and two dimensional work is matted by the Saline Picture Frame Gallery. You can bid online at or come to the final auction at the Circle of Art party on May 18th from 12:00-5:00pm at Saline Picture Frame Co. I have two pieces up for bid, White Paws and David’s Tree.

The School of Art & Design Annual Staff Exhibition will open this Friday, June 8 from 6 – 9 pm at WORK, 306 S. State St., Ann Arbor. The show will run from June 8 – July 6th.

I have several works in the show including my shrine, “Yin-Yang, Me-Earth”

Now that I am finished with the big rush to get things finished for the show, I am having trouble getting myself motivated to work. I will only do artwork if I set aside time every day to do it – even when I don’t feel like it. I know that once I am in my studio the creativity will take over and the fear will leave me. So today I pretty much forced myself to go to my studio. I cranked up CBC radio 2 and furiously cleaned up the enormous mess that had accumulated. Who knows what I will work on tomorrow. When I think about it I feel nervous. But all I need to know is that I will get into the studio tomorrow and start making something and getting the place messy again.

I hope I will see you at the opening tomorrow night!

I have a few items on auction at the Saline Picture Frame Co. to benefit the Food Gatherers. Here are a couple of photos and links to the auction. In addition I have a small book up for auction that is not on their website yet. I plan to put an online version of the book soon. The print is based on a drawing from the book which is entitled: The Power of the Indian Stray Dog.

The show is up at last. Hope you enjoy it!

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