Tree sketches by Serendipity Artist
Tree sketches, a photo by Serendipity Artist on Flickr.

Sketching out ideas for my next print. I liked working in the tiny 2.5 x 3.5 inch format so much that I decided to do another print this size – this time with color. I’ll be coloring outside of the lines, so to speak with this print and not fussing about registration. The lower left sketch is the one I am developing now.


rose sketch

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A watercolor sketch of roses from my garden.

This week I began the process of carving the blocks for the poppies triptych. I enlarged my drawing using a photocopy machine. I then traced the image onto frosted mylar. I like using frosted mylar because it’s transparent and takes the pencil line very well. Once traced, I use a ball baring baren to rub the image onto the wood block – including the kento for registration.

Poppies triptych - print 1

Poppies triptych - print 1, med green block

I spent last week sketching from Virtual Pose. I kept getting hints from the universe that I should loosen up and draw – a long discussion on Baren forum, seeing some awesome Eric Fischl watercolors in the book Ten Breaths and on Fischl’s website, and having a nice discussion with a former A&D professor. So I took the hint and I had such fun!
Watercolor sketches