I had planned to make this a three color moku hanga print, but I didn’t like the way it was coming out. So for this print I decided just to print the black and loosely watercolor the rest by hand. Each print will be variations on a theme.

size: 3.5 x 2.5 inches

ink: Akua lamp black printed moku hanga style with steel ball baring baren. Handpainted watercolor.

paper: hot pressed 150 lib. watercolor paper


Since I had so much fun doing the last tiny print, I decided to try another one. This one is a three-color print. Although this is much more challenging than the previous one-color print, the way it is designed will not require much registration precision (at least that’s the hope). I’m not sure about color schemes yet. This is just a Photoshop idea. I am still working on some color tests with real pigments.

As I have begun carving this, I am starting to think that it may be better suited to a larger size print. I recently read a recommendation that when scaling up a work one should adhere to the simplicity of the smaller work, so if I do make it bigger I will try to follow this advice.

Tree sketches by Serendipity Artist
Tree sketches, a photo by Serendipity Artist on Flickr.

Sketching out ideas for my next print. I liked working in the tiny 2.5 x 3.5 inch format so much that I decided to do another print this size – this time with color. I’ll be coloring outside of the lines, so to speak with this print and not fussing about registration. The lower left sketch is the one I am developing now.

101 Little Tongues by Serendipity Artist
101 Little Tongues, a photo by Serendipity Artist on Flickr.

Hand painting 101 little tongues for the Baren Tiny Print exchange. Hopefully I will be wrapping things up and shipping them out this weekend.

It’s a mini print exchange to celebrate Baren’s 50th print exchange – 101 prints, each 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. I’m making this easy on myself by doing a one color print. I will be spreading the color (Akua) with a roller and printing on dry Nishinouchi paper. You can see a hint of the block in the background here. More to come later . . .

After making the Birches print, I got inspired to change it up a bit with a night sky and a bit more detail. The image is based loosely on a photo, with a lot of imagination thrown in. I also checked a star chart to get the stars more or less correctly placed. I was happy to see the wood grain coming through as it gives it a sort of Aurora Borealis look.

This is a test print for print I of the Poppies Triptych. The test is basically to double-check for alignment issues. The colors are a bit off and I need to make some further tests later on to get the color exactly right and consistent for each print in the triptych.

This week I am carving the blocks for print II of the triptych, but I won’t get as much done as usual because I am off to Milwaukee for a few days to attend the Art Librarians Society of North America – Midstates Chapter meeting. Can’t wait to see the Milwaukee Museum of Art.

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