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Lake Michigan Sky

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I am currently being represented by the Red Twig Gallery in Old Village in Plymouth, Michigan (see – an up-and-coming gallery featuring local artists. I included few watercolor sketches like the one posted here (click to link to more on, some larger paintings and a few prints. I’m very excited to be a part of this new gallery. They are offering something that Plymouth has needed for a long time.

Now back to work on the Poppies Triptych. All of the blocks are carved. I’m hoping to at least show some good preliminary prints soon.


I have been working on another Indian stray dog print. Here are a couple of tests. I don’t think I like the plain blue background, so I am experimenting with a pattern. I carved this using the method that Annie Bissett described in her blog using a modified photograph glued to the wood with nori. What sounds like an easy process that might even feel a bit like cheating, is actually a really messy and rather uncontrolled process that required a lot of gutsy just “going for it” attitude. The paper shreds as you carve and it’s hard to tell how deep you are carving and you can easily loose track of where you are. I like the way these tests are turning out, but I’m not sure I will use this process again.

hungry dog print test 1
test 1

hungry dog print test 2
test 2

On another front, I have decided to begin posting some of my work on Etsy. I noticed that some of the other woodblock printmakers were using Etsy with success. My site is at I like this site much better than Ebay in that it focuses on handmade arts and crafts and has some neat features like the ability to search by color. I’ll let you know how that goes.